ECU Remapping - Customized Remaps V. Library Maps - Which is better?

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Published: 28th December 2010
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You are already aware just how remapping the ECU will improve your automobile's performance: more power and torque, better handling, superior fuel economy. Now all you have to do is find someone to perform the job. You will most probably notice that some organizations advertise custom or bespoke maps and other companies talk about using library maps. It is important to are aware of the distinction between both kinds of remapping. Bespoke remapping can be higher priced, however it has sizeable gains that make it well worth the cost.

Bespoke or custom remapping starts with the file that is in the car's ECU right now. The specialist downloads the original ECU map from the vehicle and after that modifies elements of it to improve engine general performance. The files for numerous unique systems are updated with pricey software. The tech must understand the best way to recalibrate each setting -- put simply, he has to understand what he's doing.

As well as the maps that handle fuel combustion, the ECU also contains data relevant to your automobile for example immobiliser information, software revisions, bug fixes from the manufacturer, and so forth. This is the reason, precisely the files that require to be adjusted are touched through the remapping -- other critical data within the car is left intact. Subsequently the map is flashed back to the ECU, overwriting the existing file. A duplicate of the original ECU file is held by the service provider, just in case. Bespoke remapping is always customized to your particular motor vehicle, which would ensure the best possible results.

Remapping with a library data file is very different. The tech is not going to use the original ECU data file from your own car. Rather, a modified ECU map is selected from a library of possibly 10,000 generic files. The library file is copied back to the car's ECU, overwriting every thing -- which includes just about any vehicle-specific details that can have been on the original file.

Now, this collection of library data files might have a shady past. It is composed of ECU files that someone collected from mysterious places, copied to a CD, and sold for a couple of pounds over the Web. Quite a few, if not nearly all, of the ECU files can have been stolen from professional remappers. As a result, you truly don't know anything about the quality of the files or how they could change your engine.

Remapping the ECU with a library file is an oversight that could have terrible results. The library file probably won't have the immobiliser software that keeps your automobile protected. It won't have current software updates or crucial bug fixes. And let us not overlook that a service provider utilising library files probably cuts corners in other ways, with cheap tools and minimal technician instruction.

Exactly what occurs when you change out a vehicle's one of a kind ECU map with a library file? Certainly the engine might output more power after the remap, but there is hardly any guarantee that the enhancement will be what you required. Your engine system may suddenly develop glitches and fail to run as it should. The ECU can freeze up and become inaccessible so you can't even solve the harm. Without having the standard security features, your car or truck could possibly be stolen more easily. And worst of all, you may be forced to pay out a significant of cash replacing the ECU or mending the engine.

Now that you understand why custom maps are much more desirable than library maps, how do you find somebody to do the work? First and foremost, make sure the company genuinely does supply bespoke remapping that is conducted by experienced professionals. It's not tough to tell if you're operating with a specialist or a poseur. Merely ask the technician a few queries about how the remapping is carried out, what type of files he makes use of, which engine settings are altered, and so on. A qualified and experienced person will be perfectly able to explain the finer points of the remapping process to you. And if someone mentions library files or tries to encourage you that library files are just as fine as custom files, cross them off the checklist.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with browsing around to do a comparison of prices, but do not make price the determining point. This is a high-tech marketplace and technological innovation costs money. If you find a service provider with incredibly low prices, ask yourself why. In all probability, they are utilising library files and low-priced equipment for remapping.

You should also assure your self with regards to the firm's after-sales service. Is there a trial period after the remapping? Do these people retain a copy of the original map in case you ever wish to switch back? Does the workmanship come with a warrantee? Does the organization assure enhancements in BHP, torque, and fuel economy? Make sure you're satisfied with the replies to these questions.

Remapping the ECU is an productive way to boost engine performance, but if it's not done accurately you truly do put your car at threat. There's no question that bespoke or custom remapping is a significantly better option than remapping with library files. You'll get the most effective results, and every bit as important, you'll safeguard your expensive vehicle from harm.

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